[Jlab-scicomp-briefs] JLab Scientific Computing, CLASDB Outage Wednesday

Sandy Philpott sandy.philpott at jlab.org
Wed Jan 13 20:34:12 EST 2010

Maintenance Status:

- a jcache glitch from the mysql upgrade is not yet resolved; farm 
submissions remain closed and ifarm access off for now. Jobs already in 
the F8 linux queue can run.

- a failed A/C compressor in the computer room requires that the farm 
nodes in that room remain offline until Thursday when Facilities 
Management can complete its repair. The nodes affected includes all 
64-bit CentOS 5.3 linux64 systems.


Experimental Physics' mass storage and data analysis systems, JASMine
and Auger, will be shut down for scheduled maintenance on Wednesday
January 13.

Several systems including mss0 and mssdb2/3 will be physically
relocated. mysql will be upgraded to v5.  Additionally sfs56 will be

Access to all farm and ifarm, mass storage systems and tape library,
database, and filesystems will be unavailable during the day on Wednesday.

Additionally CLASDB will be down for upgrade; POC is Dennis Weygand.

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