[Jlab-scicomp-briefs] CentOS 7 upgrades; farm outages for relocation Dec 19-20

Sandy Philpott philpott at jlab.org
Fri Dec 9 12:41:07 EST 2016

Dear JLab batch farmers,

Please note a few updates under way throughout December:

The CentOS 7 upgrade continues, with half of the farm14 Haswell nodes now upgraded alongside the farm16 Broadwell nodes added this fall.  You will soon find that more resources are available with centos7 job slots than centos65.  Use the ifarm1402.jlab.org host for any needed recompiles, and update your job submission tag to "OS: centos7".  Next, ifarm1401 will be upgraded to CentOS 7 during the January maintenance day. We suggest moving to the CentOS 7 environment sooner rather than later -- see next item...

In the upgraded Data Center, the Hot Aisle Containment System is ready for compute racks.  The farm11/12/13 and half of farm14 are scheduled to move into their new location starting Monday, Dec 19.  The second rack of farm14 as well as farm16 will remain in service, until a move at a later date (note - mostly centos7 will be up as the older nodes move!).

And, during the lab shutdown at the end of the month, the Scientific Computing group has no planned maintenance or outages.  As always, an IT staff member is oncall for emergencies, and will monitor systems and check CCPRs daily (helpdesk at jlab.org) except for Christmas Eve/Day and New Years Eve/Day. Note that any major outages will receive attention; other matters will be addressed upon return to work.  

Happy Holidays! Happy farming!

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