[Jlab-scicomp-briefs] CentOS 7 updates Tue Feb 21 -- ifarm and ifarm1401

Sandy Philpott philpott at jlab.org
Wed Feb 15 17:22:26 EST 2017

Dear Jlab Farm Users,

As the batch farm continues its rolling upgrade to CentOS 7.2, two key updates are scheduled for the upcoming maintenance day, Tuesday, February 21:

- the host ifarm1401.jlab.org will be upgraded from CentOS 6.5 to CentOS 7.2, identical to ifarm1402
- the "ifarm.jlab.org" alias will be updated to access the ifarm1401 and ifarm1402 interactive CentOS 7.2 nodes

For any work still requiring CentOS 6.5, access the old ifarm1101.jlab.org host using its hostname. (Note that ifarm1102.jlab.org was retired from service recently, as it's hardware had become too problematic to maintain).

Many of the farm13 batch nodes have been updated to CentOS 7.2 along with the farm14 and farm16 nodes, and the rest of farm13 are soon to follow, leaving behind only the oldest farm11 and farm12 compute nodes at CentOS 6.5. It's time, if you haven't already, to recompile on CentOS 7.2 and update your job tags to "OS: centos7".  

The list of current farm hardware is at https://scicomp.jlab.org/docs/ExpPhyComp .

Please let us know if you need assistance recompiling and running on CentOS 7.2; send a request to helpdesk at jlab.org. 


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