[Lerftest] Meeting about removing CMs & securing vacuum

Kevin Jordan jordan at jlab.org
Thu Sep 14 12:53:50 EDT 2017

Hi Folks,
I would like to have a short meeting tomorrow after the 8:00 in MCC conference room to discuss securing the LERF CM vacuum & removal of quads at 1F03. The take-away would be a plan  & ATLis assignments. Here is a scope of the effort in my mind...

All 3 girders need to be removed between Zone 3 & 4 to make room for the LCLS II cryogenic connections - do we split the quads before locating the clean hood? 
Ann-Marie will take samples from the girder beam tubes to look for contaminates.
Should we take the entire beam tube out for cleaning and storage?

Which quads, if any, between zone 2 & 3 need to be removed to make room to move SL21 & F100?

When we relocate the C50 to zone 2 I would like re-establish vacuum on the upstream and downstream side, for now I would suggest placing a conflat on the beam tube after the third Quad MQX1F02B (?).

Frank thinks that he can move a clean hood to the LERF sometime next week (Sept. 17-23) so starting the vacuum work could happen the week of Sept. 24.

When should we have U-Tubes pulled on the C50 (zone 4)?

Tentatively we could move the C50 to Zone 2 during the week of Oct. 1?

Matt, Please announce this meeting as a part of your PD duties. I will have a few slides prepared.

Best regards,

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