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Update on PSS
Thanks Jerry!

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Hi Kevin, 

I'm going to be tied up with CMTF certification this morning. An effort also for the LCLS-II project. 

We will start the PSS Interface boxes assembly this week and should complete them by the end of the January. Next phase after assembly is to install these boxes at LERF and wire them in. 
I still don't have a LERF specific schematics ready. Initially, for the assembly, we'll use the schematics prepared for the CMTF as these will be nearly identical. 
As soon as I have the schematics available I'll send you a copy. 

Thank you, 

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Happy new year! 

I would like to have updates today in the following areas: 
Jim/Ed - Cryo Can status 
Wes - Controls update, servers... 
Dave Gelhaar - RF both restoration of Zone 2 & finishing tear-out 
Neil - Rack lifting (2"), waveguide support 
Dave Seidman - Connector procurement tuners, control cables 


First shipment of waveguide shipped from Portland Maine yesterday... 

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