[Lerftest] LERF Gallery Raised Floor

Joseph Gubeli gubeli at jlab.org
Tue Jan 30 12:53:55 EST 2018

Hi Neil,

Lets wait a day or two for people to comment.

Thanks, Joe

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Hi Joe, This is great, I am getting material in. I have a couple of 
suggestions to simplify the installation and would like to discuss tomorrow 
if we can. Also we can work for this sketch if you want. You have give us 
the pertinent information.




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Subject: [Lerftest] LERF Gallery Raised Floor

The images below are, in general, what I imaging the raised floor will look 
like behind the SSAs. The grating is 1” x 3/16” (18” x ~34”) aluminum with a 
safe load of 632 lbs per square foot for a 24” span, our unsupported span is 
15”. The channel is 6061 aluminum 4” x 1.58” x 0.18” anchored to the floor 
with ¼-20 bolts spaced 18” apart. The “L” brackets will keep the grating 
from sliding much. More of this raised floor could be added to extend to 
penetrations. Let me know if there are a questions or comments.

Thanks, Joe

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