[Lerftest] Look ahead...

Kevin Jordan jordan at jlab.org
Wed Aug 7 07:42:57 EDT 2019

Here is what the next couple months are looking like:

Finish 1X dump shielding, instrumentation, and cooling water connections
	Joe & Kevin will bring out SS 1/4” tubing beyond SEG blocks & Installation crew will tie into the dump water skid

Shield blocks will be removed Sept 5, blocks to be reinstalled in late Sept/early Oct.

LCLS-II cryomodules will be warmed up ~ week of Sept. 10
	Mike/Curt are discussing with SLAC additional tests on CMs/LLRF since run is extended

The drive laser parts are due in the next couple weeks - we would like to do a CW run to the 1G dump prior to CHL reconfiguration ~Last week of Aug?

Readiness review in Sept? EH&S chapter still in review

1kWatt isotope run in Oct?

No more LCLS-II CMs till HE (high energy upgrade) ~ 20 months


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