[Lerftest] Meeting today @ 11:00

Kevin Jordan jordan at jlab.org
Wed Aug 21 10:51:54 EDT 2019

Here are best guesses for upcoming work

Finish Isotope 1X shielding by 9/5

Remove concrete shield blocks 9/5/2019

Warm up LCLS-II CMs - 9/9/2019

Re-commission drive laser by 9/15/2019

Disconnect 2 LCLS-II CMs complete by 9/30/2019

Hold readiness review before 9/30/2019

Remove both LCLS-II CMs 10/1/2019

Re-install concrete shield blocks week of 10/1

Run LERF CW to 1G dump (3 days?) week of 10/7 - dependent on Cryo turbine speed reduction experiments 

Run Isotope 1 kWatt irradiation week of 10/14

No answer on if any more LCLS-II CMs will be installed prior to HE upgrade (May 2021)

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