[Lerftest] Plan for this week

Kevin Jordan jordan at jlab.org
Sun Jul 14 09:31:49 EDT 2019

The goals for this coming week:

  1.  Clean pulsed beam to 1G Dump (60pC)
  2.  CW beam to 1G dump (current TBD)
  3.  Low charge, ~6 pC, transport to 1G

The vault is now in Restricted access (Sunday)
Early Monday morning Bubba will tend to the gun - Qe scan and re-cesiation if needed
Mike D & co will run LCLS-II as usual 0900-2400 Monday July 15 * the vault should be left in Power Permit*
On Owl shift Tuesday the OPS crew, if they have time, will bring up the RF in the LERF - 1/4 CM & Zone 2 - and let it soak
EES RF folks should address any issues as soon as they arrive in the AM on Tuesday July 16 & continue to get the LERF RF stable
Brian Freeman will be the operator, Steve Benson will advise - we will run Tuesday & Wednesday Day shift to accomplish above stated goals
The Drive Laser 'borrowed' pulser will be returned Thursday & the new purchased unit may not be available before the end of the run

The Isotope target/readiness review is scheduled for the first week of August, then we will get Beam Authorization for the 1G destination
CHL will go to 4K ~Aug 19 for 2 to 3 weeks, at which point the drive laser should be operational again
Early September looks like the first opportunity to do the first irradiation at the 1G dump

Thanks everyone for your patience& support, comments/clarification welcome!
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