[Lerftest] On travel next week

Kevin Jordan jordan at jlab.org
Fri Feb 28 11:32:54 EST 2020

I will be on travel next week, the LERF point of contact is:

Joe Gubeli
gubeli at jlab.org<mailto:gubeli at jlab.org>
Cell 757-344-4159

I will be available by cell & email.

Here is there schedule for the next couple weeks:

Tuesday March 3 - 1/4 cryomodule temperature bump to ~40K, Frank H will put in the ATLis and lead the show with support from Cryo.

Camille will re-authorize beam operations

Monday March 9 - shift plans are in for owl shift to try to get all of the RF up & running.
Day, swing, owl - commission 1X Beamline
We wish to do a short CW run w/o gallium to see what temperatures we can expect, more details are in the shift plan

Tuesday March 10 dayshift load crucible with Gallium, place in raft & begin irradiation

Wednesday March 11, when 30 hour run is complete shut down machine and leave in power permit to begin cool down of target assembly

Thursday March 12, Radcon will retrieve irradiated crucible and measure activity spectrum then hand-off to FedEx for shipment

Best regards,

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