[Lerftest] Summary from this mornings meeting

Kevin Jordan jordan at jlab.org
Wed Mar 25 15:39:28 EDT 2020

Shutdown update: Concern over VME crates overheating; fan filters were cleaned on Tuesday, IOCFEL09 crate was powered down because all 3 fans were dead.

If there is a power outage the ion pumps will need to be restarted

There are two turbo carts on the FL02 insulating vacuum and one on the beamline vacuum – none of these have electric valves to isolate the pump in the event of power outage! The beam line vacuum valve will close and isolate that vacuum region.

Tuners: There are on a 3.5 min cycle but only moves ~1/8 turn so it is not enough to overcome the backlash in the mechanics. Should be 4x more steps. There is a sharpie mark on all 8 of the tuner shaft couplings so we can tell if it is ‘walking off’. New requirements have been passed to Michelle Joyce.

The chiller in area 51 will be left running to circulate water

When we come back the 1X corrector needs to be checked for field strength & the Analog Monitoring System (AMS) needs to be fixed to see the Buncher RF signals in the control room.

Thanks everyone, stay safe!
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