[Lerftest] Window leak check

Gregory Marble marble at jlab.org
Fri Aug 20 09:12:46 EDT 2021

Hi Kevin, 2nd Leak Check: Tighten Flange then tape-off flange; 1st  Sprayed (He) Beryllium Window = No Leak; 2nd then Sprayed (He) CF-Gasket Groove = Leaks ( 3.6e -8 ); Leak is located/aligned with Heat Mark on Window. Where would you like Beampipe/Window taken to.

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HI All,
The window/spool piece assembly was removed on Friday and taken to the vacuum lab. Greg leak checked it and found a ~10^-5 leak. He is working with recon to change the gasket and see if then it is leak tight.


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