[Lerftest] LERF Update - Magnetron commissioning has begun!

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awesome, thanks Kevin!

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Subject: LERF Update - Magnetron commissioning has begun!

The magnetron commissioning OSP is signed off, we had a walk through with Harry Fanning, Phillip Stanley, Bonnie Rodriguez, Billy Formichelli, Charlie Garrison, & myself. The locks were removed & breakers energized to the transmitter cabinet. The two 480 VAC breakers on the transmitter are both remote lever/cable actuated so, per procedure, there are no arc flash hazards when turning these levers ON/OFF as long as the main cabinet door is closed. Three of the four AVTs have been tested - the fourth is for the 480 VAC supply to the high voltage transmitter transformer & will be tested when all interlocks are satisfied. Next steps are to fill the cooling water circuits & test interlocks - if all goes well we should make some RF next week.
Thanks all for the support!


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