[Lerftest] No 11:00 meeting

Kevin Jordan jordan at jlab.org
Wed Nov 10 08:08:16 EST 2021

LERF Update:

The instrument air went off line last week; an oil separator failed an one of the two compressors shut down - there is limited AC power at the compressor location so the backup compressor had to be manually started. The primary compressor should be repaired today. Bubba & I will reconnect the GTS to the instrument air system this AM.

The OSPs for commissioning & operating the Magnetron transmitter are nearing completion. My goal in to have the transmitter powered up before Thanksgiving. 

There was a meeting held with SLAC about modifications to the LCLS-II HE solid state amplifiers. These new 7kwatt SSAs have a phase rotation circuit so there is a question if the phasing is correct - the plan is to power each one up to check the phases if they are all OK then (.), if they are all wrong then we’ll make a single change at the breaker panel feed. Other than IP address settings it was unclear if there were any other changes to be made. SLAC will send documentation regarding SSA commissioning in a week of so. The first HE cryomodule test will be ~September.

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