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Kevin Jordan jordan at jlab.org
Wed Jan 5 09:53:43 EST 2022

The magnetron transmitter commissioning is going well;

  *   Amtek has been very helpful – they sent video of their test stand showing filament warmup & cooldown timing & have answered other interlock & timing questions
  *   Temperature regulation PLC code is working well (chiller in Area 51 supplies ~10C water to transmitter heat exchanger & has bang-bang water flow solenoid control)
  *   Solenoid magnet power supply is operational, the power supply is 4-20 mAmp control to 480 VAC phase angle so it is nonlinear (not simple current regulated PS), the readout has been calibrated with external current meter & is spot on (nominal current is 5.7 Amps)


  *   Filament power supply is also phase angle controlled so I have been very careful with scaling (w/HV ON - 120 Amps on filament = zero power out, 80 Amps = full output power of 75 kWatts @915MHz) I programmed interlock to ensure filament is at 120 Amps to permit HV to be energized. This will be cross checked & calibrated today as well
  *   HV testing today with 480 VAC OFF (there are two remote operated 480 VAC breakers one for HV & the other for everything else) – I will test all interlocks & timings prior to actually putting HV on the tube
  *   I plan to make RF tomorrow & snoop for any waveguide leakage (there are two waveguide pressure interlocks @1 PSI)
  *   When commissioning is complete I will modify the “Commissioning OSP” to an “Operations OPS”

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