[local physicists] Colloquium Announcement 11/15/2011

Malin, Delicia M. dmalin at odu.edu
Thu Nov 10 09:56:51 EST 2011

Old Dominion University
Department of Physics

Fall Colloquium Series

Tuesday November 15, 2011

"Laser Frequency Combs for Precision Astrophysical Spectroscopy"

Dr. Ron Walsworth

Precision astrophysical spectroscopy is a crucial tool for the discovery and study of planets around other stars (exoplanets) via the periodic Doppler shift of stellar lines induced by orbiting planets.  However, the sensitivity of broadband astrophysical spectrographs to low-mass planets is currently limited by the stability and precision of existing wavelength calibration sources.  In particular, to find a one-Earth-mass planet in an Earth-like orbit around a Sun-like star, an order of magnitude improvement in wavelength calibration is necessary.  I will describe our ongoing efforts to use laser frequency combs to solve this problem.

Presentation: Physical Sciences Building II 1100 @ 3:00 pm
Refreshments: 1st Floor Atrium @ 2:30 pm

More details at http://www.physics.odu.edu
All are Welcome!

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