[local physicists] William & Mary: Saturday Morning Physics

Wouter Deconinck wdconinc at jlab.org
Mon Mar 19 22:09:59 EDT 2012

Dear science enthusiast,

This week's Saturday Morning Physics lecture at the College of William
& Mary will take place on Saturday March 24:

  "Art & Science: Spot the Resemblance?" by prof. Enrico Rossi

  How do art and science relate to each other? What does it take to be
a good artist or a good scientist? What is a "beautiful scientific
theory"? Theoretical physicists, like Prof. Rossi himself, are
constantly trying to find "beautiful" descriptions of the world around

The lecture will start at 11am in the Small Hall building at the
College of William & Mary.  Admission is free, and free parking is
available in the lot along Jamestown Road.

About Saturday Morning Physics:
The topics of this lecture series are wide-ranging but maintain a
connection with physics.  All lectures will be accessible to anyone
with an interest in science.  The lectures will take place in the main
auditorium of the newly renovated Small Hall building where the
Department of Physics is located.

Upcoming lectures:
- Saturday April 21: "The Higgs Boson" by prof. Marc Sher

Best regards,
Wouter Deconinck
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