[local physicists] W&M Saturday Morning Physics: "How Butterfly Wings get their Colors"

Wouter Deconinck wdconinc at jlab.org
Tue Apr 23 01:26:52 EDT 2013

Dear science enthusiast,

The next lecture in the Saturday Morning Physics lecture series of the
Department of Physics at the College of William & Mary will take place
on Saturday April 27. The lectures in this series are aimed at anyone
with an interest in science (and high school students are in
particular encouraged to attend).

  "How Butterfly Wings get their Colors"
  Saturday April 27, Prof. Ale Lukaszew

Structural color is caused in materials with small periodic structures
of the size of the wavelength of visible light. Metamaterials are
artificial electromagnetic media achieved by structuring materials on
these small scales. Prof. Lukaszew will explain these ideas and
describe a few examples from nature.

The lecture will start at 11am in the Small Hall building at the
College of William & Mary. Admission is free, and free parking is
available in the lot along Jamestown Road.

About Saturday Morning Physics:
The topics of this lecture series are wide-ranging but maintain a
connection with physics. All lectures will be accessible to anyone
with an interest in science. The lectures will take place in the main
auditorium of the newly renovated Small Hall building where the
Department of Physics is located. More info on the lecture series
(including a printable pdf file of the attached flyer) can be found

Upcoming lectures:
- May 3: "The Power of the Abstract: A journey through the soul of
theoretical physics" by Prof. Giovanni Vignale (Univ. of Missouri)
- May 25: "LIGO: Laser Detection of Ripples in Space" by Prof. Eugeniy Mikhailov

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