[local physicists] Colloquium Announcement Dr. Igor Sokolov ( 8/27/2013)

Malin, Delicia M. dmalin at odu.edu
Mon Aug 26 13:33:32 EDT 2013

Old Dominion University
Department of Physics

Fall Colloquium Series

Tuesday August 27, 2013

"Light Scattering and Localization in Optically Dense Ultracold Atomic Systems"

Dr. Igor Sokolov
St. Petersburg State Technical University

We theoretically consider near resonance scattering of light from an ultracold atomic gas. Primary focus is on two cases. In the first, we treat a dilute gas; this corresponds to the so-called weak localization regime. In this regime we study both incoherent and coherent transport of radiation. In the second, we go to the case of a dense atomic gas, when dipole-dipole interactions are important. This regime of densities corresponds to the case when each atom on the average is within the near field light scattering zone of the other atoms. Under these conditions, a phase transition in light transport, the Anderson transition, is expected to occur.

Presentation: OCNPS 200 @ 3:00 pm
Refreshments: Atrium @ 2:30 pm
More details at http://sci.odu.edu/physics/
All are Welcome!

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