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Hey guys,

Please go and fill out the survey to let them know whether you would be 
interested in having the lectures and or workshop!


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The Geant4 committee would appreciate your help in completing an online survey to calculate the the need and value for a future workshop.

You can find and complete the survey online at:

Geant4 Monte Carlo simulation toolkit is used at JLab as one of the main 
tools to simulate the behavior of sub-atomic particles encountering 
matter and fields.
This is a key component for detector design and subsequent study of 
detector responses as used in the high energy and nuclear physics 
community, as well as in
many medical applications. This survey is to gauge the interest of the 
JLab community in two possible training programs in Geant4.

(1) Introductory Lectures: A set of introductory lectures aimed at a
novice audience to orient toolkit users to the basic ideas of Monte
Carlo simulation in the context of Geant4. These will likely be a
monthly series of sessions, each session comprised of two half-day

(2) Geant4 Tutorial Workshop: A comprehensive multi-day tutorial
taught for many years now by a team from SLAC covering the structure
of Geant4, the underlying physics, and the various visualization
tools. No previous experience with Geant4 is assumed, although basic
familiarity with C++ is required. For an example of an agenda from a 
recent Tutorial, see http://geant4.slac.stanford.edu/UPenn2011/Agenda.html

Thank you,
Nick Zachariou, Mark Ito, Paul Gueye, Beni Ziihlmann, and Sucheta Jawalkar.

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