[Moller_simulation] NEW!!! - Doodle: Link for poll "MOLLER simulation meeting"

Juliette crowder at jlab.org
Thu Mar 1 13:57:35 EST 2012

Hey guys,

There was a miscommunication about Dustin's schedule.  I have set up a 
new poll.  This one is to have bi-weekly meetings at either Thursday or 
Friday at 3-4pm, but starting NEXT week, not this week.

The link to the poll is:


I know it looks very similar, but it is to start next week (I won't 
actually be able to make it, but that's just next week) and then to have 
a meeting every other week at that same day/time until May.  Please go 
back and click, in case your "off" week is opposite Dustin's.  So no 
meeting this week, but hopefully one next week, time TBD by the results 
of the poll.


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