[Moller_simulation] using JLAB farm

Juliette Mammei crowder at jlab.org
Wed Jul 3 12:11:40 EDT 2013

Hey guys,

I may be behind the times here, but I tried running simulations with 
helium instead of vacuum and re-discovered this error with the field 
maps (the tracks went straight through the fields).  Mauri does not keep 
the ifarm1101 up to date anymore (Linux_CentOS5.3-x86_64-gcc4.1.2) but 
does have a patch for GEANT4 version 9.6.p01 on 

So if you want to run at JLAB, make sure you log into ifarm (ifarm1102) 
not ifarml64.  And when submitting to the farm, use OS: centos62 in your 
jsub file.



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