[Moller_simulation] MOLLER simulation slackers

Wouter Deconinck wdeconinck at wm.edu
Thu Dec 8 12:39:23 EST 2016

Hi everyone,

Some of you may be familiar with Slack, a collaborative instant messaging
platform that several of the university groups in MOLLER have been using at
their own institutions. It's proven to be a great tool for asking quick
questions and for informal online discussion, in summary: for all things
that may not need the formality, asynchronicity, or overhead of email. It
also archives all content so others can consult it later.

If you are interested, you can join the MOLLER channels (with your jlab
address) at http://jlab12gev.slack.com/signup.

Of course, this doesn't affect any of the existing ways in which
information is shared (docdb, elog). It only adds another platform to them
that many of us have found useful.

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