[Moller_simulation] Minutes of today's simulation meeting

yxzhao at jlab.org yxzhao at jlab.org
Tue Jan 19 10:51:20 EST 2016

Dear all,

Here is the task list we discussed for the coming year:

1. Background study and systematic error study (Yuxiang)
Maintain the analysis framework of systematic error estimation.
Play with the quartz segmentation to study the correlations between
different backgrounds.

2. Target length optimization (???)
Play with target length (try 1.25m) to check the correlations of
backgrounds, maybe
the systematic error can be better than 1.5m design.

3. Collimator design and shielding (Rakitha)

4. Pion rate (W&M, Rakitha, Ciprian)
Study the pion rate as well as maintain/develop a reliable pion generator.

5. optical simulation (Yuxiang, anybody else?)
Can be separated in to two parts, 1)Gas scintillation simulation with
different light guide design, 2) real quartz simulation with different
light guide design and different "cut" on quartz

6. Detector prototype (Yuxiang)
Yuxiang will work with KK at SBU on this task.

7. Doodle pool to change the meeting time in the coming year
I will send the doodle pool soon after this email.

Please let me know if I miss something. If you would like to contribute to
any tasks listed above or any new tasks, please let us know, any new ideas
are also welcome. We will go over these items in the following 2016
bi-weekly meetings.

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