[Moller_simulation] phone meeting coordination

Michel Gericke mgericke at jlab.org
Thu Jan 4 16:28:55 EST 2018

Hello everyone,

During yesterday's integrating detector phone meeting, the suggestion 
was made that,
due to the large people overlap, we should coordinate the simulation and 
detector meetings in such a way, that they will be on the same day, at 
the same time,
but in alternating weeks. Looking at both doodle polls, it appears that 
Monday's from
4 pm to 5 pm (EDT) is the best day, except that Seamus (a VIP on both of 
these work
packages) can't make it ...

Anyone have any thought about this? Can those of us who usually call 
into both meetings
please take a second look at their availability with this in mind?



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