[Moller_simulation] Free Microsoft Azure Resource

Michael Gericke Michael.Gericke at umanitoba.ca
Mon Jun 10 00:22:21 EDT 2019


The UofM has been given at least $20k worth of free Microsoft's Azure 
high performance
computing resources to test their services and it seems that there is 
only a small number
of groups really interested, including our group. That means that we 
could have access to
a large number of cores over a significant period of time (months). This 
would be useful if
one is planning to run a very large number of simulation configurations, 
or a very high
statistics simulation. For example, we could have something like 72 
cores over a period
of 3 months or more, plus associated storage, without a queue or any 
form of scheduling.

I am currently trying to figure out what we might run, to take advantage 
of this, so if anyone
in this group thinks this could be useful for a large scale MOLLER 
simulation job, please let
me now as soon as possible.

If you would like more information about it, here is a link:




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