[Moller_simulation] [EXTERNAL] MOLLER Sim Meeting Tuesday 8th of December at 12 pm

Rakitha Sanjeewa Beminiwattha rakithab at jlab.org
Mon Dec 7 15:45:21 EST 2020

We will have the MOLLER simulation meeting on the 8th of December at 12:00
pm Eastern. We will discuss the progress made
on different simulation topics. See the tentative agenda,

   1. Please go over the simulation task list and make changes to your own
   subsystem to reflect what's needs to be done Task List
   2. Boundary dose impact of 2m diameter hole in the shielding above
   target chamber: Weibin docDB657
   3. Impact of removing upstream wall on radiation upstream of the target:
   Sakib docDB656
   4. Work plans in the downstream region: Chandan
   5. Transmission studies of Barite Concrete: Chandan

The meeting page is here:

If you have slides, please provide a link in the agenda section of the
meeting wiki page.

The bluejeans information:

Meeting ID 635010453

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Rakitha Beminiwattha
Assistant Professor of Physics
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Louisiana Tech University
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