[Moller_simulation] Pausing Simulation Jobs on Monday 15th of February

rakitha beminiwattha rakithab at jlab.org
Fri Feb 12 00:21:49 EST 2021

As we discussed today, I would like to ask everyone to pause simulation 
jobs and analysis work in ifarm on Monday 15th of February. This will 
allow computer center to upgrade work disk space allocated for MOLLER. 
After this upgrade we will have,

12 TB in /work/halla/moller12gev and 20 TB quota for 

Please let me know you unable to pause jobs or analysis work on work 
disk or volatile disk on Monday.

As more subgroups start utilizing JLab storage for their simulation 
needs, we may have to request more storage. I would also like people 
involve in main simulation studies to think about your future computing 
needs from ifarm so we can plan ahead.


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