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Wouter Deconinck wouter.deconinck at umanitoba.ca
Mon Mar 8 22:16:39 EST 2021

Hi everyone,

I'm just following up with some info for those who already have a perfectly
fine local working copy and don't want to clone all over again into a new


*Renaming an existing remote*:
After creating a fork as before, you will need to add this fork as the
primary remote (origin) of your local copy.
- Rename the previous remote (jeffersonlab/remoll):
  git remote rename origin upstream
- Add your forked repository as a new remote:
  git remote add origin git at github.com:USERNAME/remoll.git

On Mon, Mar 8, 2021 at 4:59 PM Wouter Deconinck <
wouter.deconinck at umanitoba.ca> wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> I am writing with a change to how we have been using the remoll
> repository. We will be moving to a *forking workflow*. Details below.
> Cheers,
> Wouter
> *Summary*: Until now, we mainly have been using branches in the
> jeffersonlab/remoll repository on github. Instead of creating branches
> there, we will now encourage you to *fork* the remoll repository and
> create branches in your own repository. From those branches, you are
> encouraged to submit a *pull request* to the jeffersonlab/remoll
> repository for merging.
> *Rationale*: JLab is preferring the forking workflow for users who
> contribute to a few repositories only. Membership in the jeffersonlab
> organization is reserved for maintainers (and has additional requirements
> since these accounts are publicly affiliated with JLab; i.e. real name and
> institutional affiliation in your github profile). Moreover, we have enough
> contributors now and this workflow scales better.
> *Creating a fork*: Click the 'fork' button on the top right of the remoll
> repository. You can now clone this repository:
>   git clone git at github.com:USERNAME/remoll.git
> This will fork all current branches in the jeffersonlab/remoll repository.
> *Keeping your fork up to date*:
> - Add the upstream repository jeffersonlab/remoll to your list of remotes
> (you only need to do this once):
>   git remote add upstream https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=https-3A__github.com_jeffersonlab_remoll.git&d=DwIFaQ&c=CJqEzB1piLOyyvZjb8YUQw&r=hK0qfHtfdwUHlZG0DnK-QRJVYus_TzTB8u52ev2QBtI&m=PFozYETKNQEd2DZN2YdWd6a-Mi-KTOKPlEnAX7gDEns&s=f2f09UEUdp7y8tuLG1nCRdoPgvs-fA9MvwFpJ3kkW70&e= 
> - Whenever you want to update, fetch the latest upstream changes:
>   git fetch upstream
>   Variant: git fetch --all
> - ... and merge the upstream branch in your branch, e.g. for the 'develop'
> branch
>   git checkout develop
>   git merge upstream/develop
> Avoid making changes directly on master or develop, even in your own
> repository (for the same reasons).
> *Doing your work*:
> It is easiest to do your work in branches, one per logically separate
> tasks, and to merge those to jeffersonlab/remoll frequently.
> - Create a new branch from the develop branch (the base of your branch):
>   git checkout develop
>   git branch new-feature-xyz
>   git checkout new-feature-xyz
> - Now, you can do your work in this branch.
> - Periodically, push the changes to your repository:
>   git push
> *Cleaning up your work*:
> Before contributing your changes back to jeffersonlab/remoll for others to
> use, it make sense to clean up some.
> - Make sure your branch works with the most up to date code in the
> upstream base branch:
>   git fetch upstream
>   git checkout develop
>   git merge upstream/develop
> - Rebase your branch to point to the most recent code in the base branch:
>   git checkout new-feature-xyz
>   git rebase develop
> The rebase phase is when you may need to resolve some conflicts: when you
> have modified lines that someone else has modified upstream as well. Ask in
> Slack if you need help resolving conflicts (in git; we can't help with the
> neighbors).
> *Submitting a pull request*:
> When you are done with your work in a branch and ready to share it with
> others, go to your branch page on GitHub and click the 'pull request'
> button. Write a clear summary and wait for someone to merge it (or request
> some changes, if necessary). After your branch has been merged, you can go
> ahead and delete it. When you update your develop branch, the changes
> will be included.

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