[Moller_simulation] [EXTERNAL] remoll: please switch to JLab CE 2.4

Wouter Deconinck wouter.deconinck at umanitoba.ca
Tue Mar 16 19:22:17 EDT 2021

Hi everyone,

For a while now, Jefferson Lab has had the JLab CE version 2.4 available.
We are *ceasing remoll support for JLab CE version 2.3* due to some
unfixable issues <https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=https-3A__github.com_JeffersonLab_remoll_issues_436&d=DwIBaQ&c=CJqEzB1piLOyyvZjb8YUQw&r=hK0qfHtfdwUHlZG0DnK-QRJVYus_TzTB8u52ev2QBtI&m=GjmUcCMpTjFs0mdpMZP1yx90elNq2Ulnuj-XE_qkL5I&s=y1gI90Ob0HC4rzjOgzMfzsqkn-_T671w9cO7kwVMQB4&e= > that
will require too much effort to work around. With JLab CE 2.3, remoll can
hang under certain circumstances.

*JLab CE 2.4* includes several improvements over the previous version. In
- *geant4.10.06.p02* (from 4.10.04.p02) includes improved descriptions of
low energy backgrounds typical at JLab, and better handling of optical
surfaces. It is also compiled by default with multi-threading enabled,
which means all cores on a job node are used.
- *ROOT 6.20.04* (from 6.14.04) includes improvements on RDataFrames, ROOT
jupyter notebooks, etc.
- *gcc 9.2.0* (from 4.8.5) includes full support for c++17 standards and
- *cmake 3.13.4* (from 2.8.12) which is required to compile remoll.JLab CE

To use JLab CE 2.4, append the following lines to your ~/.login file:

setenv JLAB_VERSION 2.4
setenv JLAB_ROOT /site/12gev_phys
source ${JLAB_ROOT}/softenv.csh ${JLAB_VERSION}

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