[Moller_simulation] Simulation Computing Workshop on May 28th

rakitha beminiwattha rakithab at jlab.org
Sat May 22 09:38:18 EDT 2021

Dear Collaborators

We will have a simulation computing workshop on May 28th. We will have a 
morning session for talks and an afternoon session for hands on guide. 
Logistics will be soon arranged but I have attached the draft program. 
Workshop will be held remotely using bluejeans. We will have a hands-on 
session for students to setup software in ifarm and work on several 
simulation projects.

1. PVES overview and MOLLER experimental concept by TBA
2. Monte-Carlo based Simulation overview by TBA
3. Introduction to Root by TBA
4. Introduction to Geant4 with Remoll by Cameron Clarke
5. Working with Remoll Geometries by Sakib Rahman
6. Introduction to FLUKA by Lorenzo Zana
7. Hands On session
     i. guide new students having difficulties setting up software
     ii. MOLLER simulation projects to work on under supervision

A recorded guide will be provide in advance: Computer access at JLab, 
Software setup for MOLLER in ifarm: Root, Geant4, Remoll, FLUKA



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