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Hey Michael,

This came up in a discussion about storing stuff to tape at JLAB.

But the suggestions still work; if stuff is stored on NDRIO or whatever it is now, then that info should be in the presentation.  It may be that it is not easily accessible to everyone yet, but at least it could be found...


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Hi Rakitha,

For item 1: Not all simulations are done on the JLab farm. For example, our group may/will run detector related simulations on "Compute Canada" systems and associated storage and use local (University) storage.
For that, if there is to be a central data repository, we'd have to make sure that we have a reasonably efficient way to transfer/mirror data between JLab locations and other locations. We need that eventually for
the MOLLER data anyway.



On 2022-04-11 10:06 a.m., Rakitha Sanjeewa Beminiwattha wrote:
Today we discussed tape backup of major milestone simulation outputs. Here are the main suggestions for moving forward. Please add any further suggestions and I will update accordingly. Then I will circulate the final version.

1. Include the following information in the final presentation: location of the root files backed up in the MSS tape system, location of the scripts utilized for the analysis (github or tape location), G4 and git versions
2. Upload the presentation to doc-db and include the doc-db label simBackup
3. Naming conventions for backup root files: Include the output root files under the subsystem/group directory and provide a name to match study, owner, and geometry information
4. There is a suggestion to keep a master spreadsheet with all the simulation output entries but due to fragmented work going on it will not be easy. For now, we will keep a spreadsheet for results shown in the simulation meeting


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