[Moller_simulation] How to send simulation files to tape

Paul King pking at jlab.org
Mon May 2 09:58:10 EDT 2022

Dear all,

The /mss/halla/moller12gev/simulation/ directory has been created, and should now be usable for everyone in the moller12gev group.  You should be able to submit files to the MSS system from your directories on volatile.

>From the SciComp website:  Every file written to tape requires a certain amount of overhead during its processing and storage.  As file sizes decrease beneath several hundred megabytes, this overhead quickly outweighs the actual I/O time.  Please be judicious about submitting files smaller than 200MB.  If possible, package directories with many small files in .tar or .zip archives for storage on tape.  The optimal size for files stored to MSS is in the range 2GB-20GB.

We have proposed that everyone would create their own subdirectories, and would do so by doing the first jput like this:
    jput <full_path_of_one_file>  /mss/halla/moller12gev/simulation/<username>/<projectname>/<filename_of_the_file>

Later jput commands can use a list of files or be wildcarded, and can just use the MSS directory:
jput <full_path_of_file1>  <full_path_of_file2> ... <full_path_of_fileN>    /mss/halla/moller12gev/simulation/<username>/<projectname>/

If you want a deeper directory structure that's fine too; just do a jput with the directory structure you want:
jput <fullpath_to_file> /mss/halla/moller12gev/simulation/<username>/<projectname>/<subdir1>/<subdir2>/<filename>

It is not possible to move MSS directories as a user.  If you find this is an issue, please discuss it with us before submitting a request to the computer center.


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