[Nuclear-data-miners] IMPORTANT questions on data mining! Please respond ASAP!

kuhn kuhn at jlab.org
Mon Jul 6 09:59:00 EDT 2015

Dear Dataminers,

as we prepare for our next meeting in Buffalo, we would like to ask for your help on two items:

1) At ODU, we have been asked to make access to our Farm more secure. (There have been a large number of attempted break-ins). We do need to respond to this on a short time scale, so I have two urgent questions for you:
i) Are you presently using, or planning to use in the foreseeable future, any of the skimmed data residing on the ODU clusters? Are you using, or are you planning to use, the software provided by Gagik (as opposed to standard CLAS6 analysis software) for your data mining projects? In other words, do you need remote access to the cluster at ODU?
ii) If you are or have been involved with the software side of things: Can you foresee any problems if ODU erects a firewall or a single “gateway” machine to access the ODU cluster, thereby making it invisible to the outside world? Can you explain to us where the data mining skim files presently reside and how the software accesses them? What do we need to watch out for to keep the data mining software functional?

2) More generally,  Sebastian has been tasked with (or talked himself into) giving an overview on future activities at our meeting. Therefore, we are trying to collect information on what projects are going on right now and what plans exist for the future. In particular, a short list of projects and their status(es) - “planned for future”, “just begun”, “mature analysis”, “ready for paper submission” - would be very helpful. Also, we are urging all of you to consult the data mining wiki at
and either send us your updates or edit it yourself - both to remove outdated and irrelevant stuff and to add new information. Much of the wiki is out of date - in particular under the headings “Software" (Gagik and Lamiaa, please help!) and "Current Data Mining Projects".

We would be grateful for a prompt response. Looking forward to seeing you in Buffalo! -

Sebastian (also for Larry)
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