[Nuclear-data-miners] data mining proposal 2014

Larry Weinstein lweinste at odu.edu
Tue Jul 28 13:12:44 EDT 2015

Dear Data Miners,

We are considering resubmitting a data mining proposal to either DOE 
(Medium Energy) or to NSF (computational).

Here is our 2014 data mining proposal and the reviews we received. Note 
that the external reviewers were generally quite positive and the panel 
members were quite negative.  However, this was reviewed by the special 
post-Comparative-Review DOE panel during a particularly desperate 
funding time.

How can we improve the proposal to have a chance of approval this time?
  1) support from neutrino community?
  2) better delineation of the postdoc's tasks
  3) mention Science paper
  4) discussion w funding officer (Gulshan)
  5) commitment of non-DOE resources (from non-US institutions, mostly)
  6) widen PIs (MIT?, neutrinos?)
  7) emphasize that ODU is the conduit for funds
  8) mention that CLAS12 nuclear targets are not til 2020
  9) facilitate research by undergrad institutions

Suggestions and commitments to help write will be greatly appreciated.


Lawrence Weinstein
Eminent Scholar and University Professor
Physics Department
Old Dominion University
Norfolk, VA 23529
757 683 5803
757 683 3038 (fax)
weinstein at odu.edu

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