[PRad] Welcome message

Alexander Gramolin gramolin at jlab.org
Thu Jan 23 17:10:39 EST 2014

Dear Colleagues,

You have just been subscribed to the PRad mailing list
(https://mailman.jlab.org/mailman/listinfo/prad) which hopefully will help
us to better exchange information about the proton radius experiment under
preparation at JLab. To post a message to this list, just send your email
to prad at jlab.org.

The list of subscribers is based on the following list of people involved
in the PRad experiment:

Please check the information about yourself given there. If you want to
change anything (your name, affiliation, email address or personal web
page), please don't hesitate to contact me (gramolin at jlab.org). I also ask
you to let me know if one of your colleagues participating in PRad was
missed in this list. We need to update our information about all

Best regards,
Alexander Gramolin

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