[PRad] PRAD Elog Available now

Zhihong Ye yez at jlab.org
Mon Jul 28 09:11:28 EDT 2014

Dear all,

The online logbook for PRAD is available now.


Although Wiki will still be the main website we store our experimental 
information and progress, this logbook will be the major place for you 
to post any up-to-day activities during the experiment preparation and 

Please post your daily activities in the hall and other important 
results as well, unless we agree some partial of information should be 
confidential (The logbook is "public"!). It is also a good place for you 
to post important documentations like the cable maps in different 
periods, any system settings values and procedures.

The new logbook-system allows you to post your entry on multiple 
logbooks. Now we only post the entry in our "pradlog" but during the 
experiment running period (by setting it as default in "Preferences"), 
we should post the entry both in "pradlog" and "hblog" if the activity 
affect the entire hall.

Please make sure to "tag" your entries with their specific "Tags", e.g., 
DAQ, Detector, Survey etc.

Best Regards
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