[PRad] Updates from GEMs/Electronics

Kondo Gnanvo kg6cq at cms.mail.virginia.edu
Fri Jan 8 07:04:45 EST 2016

Dear all,
Happy New Year to you all and Best Wishes for 2016.

Sorry I would not be able to attend the meeting.
Here is a brief report on the GEMs

1-) The second chamber: was built and is under tested and looks good 
We had a large amount of cosmics data over the Xmas break (no x-ray data 
because of the break).
I will send some plot later

- We are bringing the chamber to JLab on the week of Monday 18th 
January. Eugene has some space reserved in EEL for it
ad Xinzhan will be the in charge of setting it up onece it is there

2-) We still have to reopen and glue together the frames of the first 
chamber. (replacing the screws and o-ring)
This is on schedule for end January - early February

3-) Electronic from CERN:
- The additional FEC and the second crate are reserved and available for 
us at CERN and I will have them chip to UVa as soosn as possible
- There are still some glitches (at CERN level about the payment 
process, but I am in talk with the people over there to find a solution) 
but it is mainly a CERN problem
- I am arranging to borrow 2 more FEC/ADCs from colleagues at CERN and 
Florida Tech (in addition to the 6 that we already have and need).
- These additional modules however are not guaranteed to work properly 
(there seems to be some problems with at list one of the card)

-) DAQ: there seems to be some recent progress from Bryan on the 
integration of the electronic into CODA + TI
I guess Krishna or Li are reporting on this.

Best regards


On 01/08/2016 12:28 AM, gasparan at jlab.org wrote:
>    Dear PRad Collaboration members,
>   Josh Pierce recently applied to be accepted as a full PRad collaboration
> member.
> We all know Josh's critical contributions to the target part in the past
> two years.
> I am sure we will get more with his continuing participation in the project.
> Ordinary we need to discuss these kinds of items in the collaboration
> meetings but,
> since we do not expect one in the next few months. Therefore, I suggest to
> discuss it
> in tomorrow's (Friday) meeting and make a formal vote counts. For those
> who can not
> participate in this weekly meeting, please send your formal concern (if
> any) to me
> (gasparan at jlab.org).
> Thank you,
> Ashot
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