[PRad] [Revised Logentry] Lead Glass Dynode Signal Check

liye at jlab.org liye at jlab.org
Sun May 22 15:35:02 EDT 2016

Logentry Text:
Ashot and I checked the lead glass dynode signal in the Hall.
It turns out the dynode signal is much smaller now and it is related to the booster issue. Turning on the 3rd booster could increase the signal by a factor of 2.
We can see clear cosmic and lms signal from the sum of lead glass modules, but they are both much smaller than they were a few days ago.

A naive thought is some short circuit inside HyCal divides the signals, it also explains why 2nd booster is not working properly (From the voltage/current we see on the 2nd booster, its load is around 10 ohms).
We will continue gain equalizing crystal modules and do a thorough inspection in weekdays.


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