[PRad] [Revised Logentry] Possible damage on ADC boards by the short circuits from lead glass dynodes & bossters

cpeng at jlab.org cpeng at jlab.org
Sun May 22 20:20:02 EDT 2016

Logentry Text:
After we checked the boosters and plugged back its connectors, the short circuits might cause damage to 3 ADC channels that were connected to lead glass modules: 
G486, Crate 4, Slot 8, Channel 52 
G572, Crate 4, Slot 8, Channel 38 
G25, Crate 6, Slot 19, Channel 53 
As shown in the screen shot, now the ADC1881M boards do not send out the data words for the above channels. 
The pedestal of other channels in the two ADC boards at crate 4, slot 8 and crate 6, slot 19 is increased significantly. 
Besides, channel W191 (Crate 5, Slot 23, Channel 17) does not work properly, but we believe it might be due to the loose connection and is irrelevant to the issue above. 

However, after this happened, we are able to see the dynode signal from lead glass group and gain-equalized the module G273. 
Since crystal modules are working well, we plan tol continue the gain equalizing for crystal modules tonight and check the 4 problematic channels on Monday when the beam is off.


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