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Wed Oct 12 12:34:13 EDT 2016

  Hi All,

 We got a request from Volker to provide an update for our analysis
 process for his talk at the CLAS12 meeting.

 We have to specify 2-3 plots for this purpose. The list could include:
 1) the GEM efficiency measurements (a typical good plot);
 2) GEM position resolution plot;
 3) HyCal resolution plot proving that we are done with the calibrations;
 4) Trigger efficiency plot.

 Please come up with your suggestions (if I am forgetting some other good
 results from the last July).


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Subject: PRAD update
From:    "burkert" <burkert at jlab.org>
Date:    Mon, October 10, 2016 11:45 am
To:      "Ashot Gasparian" <gasparan at jlab.org>
Cc:      "Eugene Pasyuk" <pasyuk at jlab.org>

Dear Ashot,

For my report on "Status of Hall B" at the CLAS collaboration meeting
November 1, I like to include one or two slides on the status of the
PRAD analysis. At the last meeting in June I showed the attached slides
in addition to the experimental setup. Please send me any updates you
may like to see included in my report by Friday October 21, if possible.

Thank you,


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