[PRad] change in the group meetings discussion format

gasparan at jlab.org gasparan at jlab.org
Wed Oct 26 14:27:40 EDT 2016

 Dear PRad graduate students and postdocs,

 Despite our excellent work during the experiment preparation and run
 periods our success in the data analysis process is not on the same
 level of the PRad experiment, and no closer to the expectations from
 the physics community.

 To improve it we need to adjust the way we plan the analysis work,
 the way we report the results at the group meetings and the way we
 document the finished results.

 To start whit, I would suggest that starting from this Friday's group
 meeting we identify one single analysis task to be discussed and made
 recommendations about the status and what to do next.
 For that the presenter(s) need to prepare a very detailed and, most
 importantly, with enough information in it (example: ready plots in
 order to not ask our typical question: what is on the axis? or why you
 make that statement?).

 We usually spend most of the time to try to understand what is shown
 on the screen rather than to discuss the subject matter. This needs to
 be changed.

 We will still have short reports from all other subjects as we are doing
 it now but, they will be very compact (~ 10 min) reports with all
 information there to be able to open the presentation in wiki page and
 work on them after the meetings also (DO not save the disk space for

 We will start from this Friday's meeting. The first subject will be
 the HyCal Energy Calibration (this is currently holding the rest).
 For that we need:
 a) detail report about the tagger status. Was it enough to calibrate
    HyCal? If not what are the limitations. NEEDS all kind of plots to
    be shown before any conclusions (Maxime);
 b) LMS status for the gain vs. run number, needs plots (Maxime, Weizhi);
 c) clustering algorithm, very detail discussion to prioritize
    them to use them for the energy and coordinate reconstructions (Maxime,
    Li, Weizhi);
 b) Energy calibration with the tagger: results and the status (Maxime,
    Li, Weizhi)

 Thank you,

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