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Thu Feb 16 11:24:05 EST 2017

  Thanks Maxime, a good ending.
 Then, we may fix this as the 12C position and from the Moller events
 fix the GEM and the HyCal positions (which will include the shower
 debt correction).


> Dear colleagues,
> Kelly Tremblay checked the survey values for the target since we saw some
> discrepancies when looking at physics events.
> Here is his answer:
> "I checked the fiducialized data from 2015/2016 and verified that the
> survey team used the center of the chamber for the reference 0,0,0 point
> for the prad target. This places the coordinates shown in memo B1718 being
> 88.9 mm downstream from the referenced Z location. I am not going to
> change the memo or are target data, but have put flags in the data to show
> the target cell is downstream 88.9 for future reference. The true Z found
> coordinate position of the target is -385.73294.
> Hope this clears this up.
> Kelly"
> This new value should clear out the discrepancy that we found in the
> study.
> Maxime
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