[PRad] slides for APS 2017

Dipangkar Dutta ddutta07 at gmail.com
Wed Jan 25 17:36:44 EST 2017

Hi Li,
The slides look good. Below are my comments.

slide 3: Just as Ashot mentioned for Weixhi, you need to change the figure
with the new version from the talk by
Randolf Pohl (please mention in the slide that the figure is courtesy of
Randolf Pohl.
Once you change the figure you will also need to change the 7.9 sigma
number to the new value.

slide4:  some of the text is getting covered by the figure please fix that.
2nd last line the numbers in red should be together in one line (end the
line at the colon).

slide 8:  please remove the words "is twice the size of SBS back tracker

slide 10: The bullet "Two different calibrations:" should be "Two different
calibration modes:"

             "Before data taking"  --> "Before physics data collection"
             "moved in front of"  --> "incident on"
             "During physics data taking --> During physics data collection
                "ep events" --> "ep elastic events"
               add "Two" before the word Different in the last line and
remove the word "Island"

slide 11: Change title to "Calorimeter Calibration Example"
              Move "Example of module W222" from below to above the plot
and change to "Example for PbWO4 module W222"
              change "ratio ="  to "Plot of"

slide 12: change title to "Reconstruction after calibration"

slide 13: change title to "Preliminary Energy Resolution"

slide 14: "Plateau from --> Plateau above
              cover up the key inside the figure and make a single key
outside the plots.
               If you move the plots a little lower you will have enough
space above the plot
               for the key. Use larger font then what is in the plot now
and no need for the box around the symbols.

Otherwise looks good
Also if you are in a session with other PRad talks you can skip over the
slides with
the equipment details.


On Wed, Jan 25, 2017 at 3:55 PM, Li Ye <ly150 at msstate.edu> wrote:

> Dear PRad collaborators,
>      I have posted my slides for the APS 2017 meeting on PRad wiki:
> https://wiki.jlab.org/pcrewiki/images/6/61/APS_2017_LiYe.pdf
> I also attach the file in this email.
>      Could you please take a look and give me some suggestions?
>       Thank you very much.
> Li Ye
> 757-291-9896 <(757)%20291-9896>
> Physics Department
> Mississippi State University
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