[PRad] Fwd: farm priority

Eugene Pasyuk pasyuk at jlab.org
Fri May 5 16:41:47 EDT 2017


PRAD has elevated priority on the farm for the next two months. Please use it. 


From: "Sandy Philpott" <philpott at jlab.org> 
To: "Harut Avagyan" <avakian at jlab.org>, "Eugene Pasyuk" <pasyuk at jlab.org> 
Sent: Friday, May 5, 2017 4:39:49 PM 
Subject: Re: farm priority 

Hi Harut, Eugene, 

OK - PRAD priority is increased in Hall B/CLAS/CLAS12 allocation through the end of June. Let us know at that time if it's needed longer. (Note that CLAS12 is still elevated in this allocation as well). 


From: "Harut Avakian" <avakian at jlab.org> 
To: "Sandy Philpott" <philpott at jlab.org> 
Sent: Friday, May 5, 2017 3:34:38 PM 
Subject: Fwd: farm priority 

Dear Sandy, 

Could you please increase the PRAD priority next 2 months? 



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Date: 	Fri, 5 May 2017 15:29:48 -0400 (EDT) 
From: 	Eugene Pasyuk <pasyuk at jlab.org> 

To: 	Harut Avagyan <avakian at jlab.org> 

Hi Harut, 

We have a request to elevate priority for PRAD jobs (pcrad account) on the farm for the next couple of months. We expect large amount of simulation jobs and would like to have fast turn around. 



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