[PRad] new proposal for deuteron charge radius measurement

Gnanvo, Kondo (kg6cq) kg6cq at eservices.virginia.edu
Wed May 17 19:07:28 EDT 2017

Hi Dipangkar

Thanks for the document. Looks like another exciting adventure.

Hopefully it will go a long way like PRad too.

Just one little correction. There is a misspelling of my last name name

It should be Gnanvo rather than Gananvo. I hope you would not mind fixing it


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Subject: [PRad] new proposal for deuteron charge radius measurement

Dear All,
We have put together a new proposal to measure the deuteron charge radius using the PRad setup with two major changes. A new SI-strip recoil detector inside the target cell and a second GEM chamber in front of the HyCal.
A draft of the proposal can be downloaded from

Please take a look at the proposal and send you comments, also please let us know if you would like to be included in the proposal.


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