[PRad] collaboration meetig on January 4 and 5

gasparan at jlab.org gasparan at jlab.org
Thu Dec 20 13:20:38 EST 2018

  Dear PRad Collaborators,

 We plan to have a collaboration meeting on January 4 and 5 (Friday
 Saturday) at JLab. We will start on Friday from 9 am (the room will
 be announced later).

 According to early agreement, we will discuss the current PRad status
 on Friday and then the preparation of the DRad proposal and other
 new ideas will be moved to Saturday.

 Here is the tentative schedule (the agenda will be fixed in the
 beginning of the meeting) for the meeting(s).

         (1) the current status of the PRad analysis work;
         (2) how to complete the PRad by the APS meeting;
         (3) how to publish the results.
         (4) the status of the DRad proposal;
         (5) plans to update it for the summer PAC
         (6) what else can be attached to DRad;
         (7) other new ideas to for a new proposal(s).

 As you see, we have an important and interesting task ahead of us
 so, please fix your schedule to attend the meeting.

 Best wishes for the holiday period
 Happy New Year,

 for co-spokespersons

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