[PRad] PRad weekly meeting (Oct 19th)

Weizhi Xiong weizhi.xiong at duke.edu
Fri Oct 19 08:36:18 EDT 2018

We are having the PRad weekly meeting right now please join.


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Subject: [PRad] PRad weekly meeting (Oct 19th)

Dear PRad collaborators,

    We will have our weekly meeting this Wednesday (Oct 19th) at 8:30 AM EDT (8:30 PM China). Please email me your slides if you want me to put it on secure wiki page.

    Please use the following bluejeans link to attend the meeting

    https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=https-3A__bluejeans.com_734987618&d=DwIFAg&c=lz9TcOasaINaaC3U7FbMev2lsutwpI4--09aP8Lu18s&r=G9dPiP531P_e2MW4JXGojA&m=EVg9GjqEQOG0NSfaXzCLWX5imtFbQWbsMSR2zHmBxJQ&s=AVHrbYf7I7Q6DAN0aSmKrxfH_wyKaAF0CcUVxMGNg8E&e= <https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=https-3A__bluejeans.com_734987618&d=DwMFAw&c=lz9TcOasaINaaC3U7FbMev2lsutwpI4--09aP8Lu18s&r=G9dPiP531P_e2MW4JXGojA&m=VYZ30Se08-nsUhSj5Wg6iCccuKTuxHyV7qRBSwY7GU8&s=q7HnnUts50KHBDH2pkSm8hY9XAjxYFlIaFtAKBRQxOk&e=>

    To dial in, please use the following phone lines:
    Phoneline 18882402560 (US or Canada)
    Phoneline 1.408.740.7256 or 1.408.317.9253 (US)
    Meeting ID: 734987618

    Thank you.

Weizhi Xiong

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