[PRad] PRad weekly meeting (May 17th)

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More info about size. I counted words in one full column of Nature text. It is about 850. If we assume 5 pages of text only this will be 8500 words. We need to subtract from this space needed for the title, authors, figures, references, acknowledgements. References and acknowledgement would take one page. Title with author list and abstract would take half a page. Our figures are not to large a would say they will take half a page as well.
Subtracting 2 pages from five which leaves us 3 pages of text only which is about 3500 words. Assuming some contingency (more space for equations than just text etc.) I would say we should limit ourselves to 3000 words not including abstract.

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Dear all,

    We will have our weekly meeting this Friday (May 17th) at 9:00 AM EDT (9:00 PM China). Please email me your slides if you want me to put it on secure wiki page.

    Please use the following bluejeans link to attend the meeting


    To dial in, please use the following phone lines:
    Phoneline 18882402560 (US or Canada)
    Phoneline 1.408.740.7256 or 1.408.317.9253 (US)
    Meeting ID: 734987618

    Thank you.

Weizhi Xiong

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