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  Dear PRad memners,

 Take a look at this upcoming nice colloquium for the proton size.
 The time difference is 6 your (I guess).


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How big is the proton? 16th Dec 2020 15:00
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Dear PREN collaborators,

Hope you are all well.

Please find below the announcement from the STRONG-2020 dissemination
board dedicated to the 1st public lecture which is entitled "How big is
the proton?" and which will be given by Randolf Pohl and Jan Bernauer on
December 16th at 15h00 (CET).

Please advertise the event as much as you can in your home institution,
Universities, High schools, ...

For your information, the upcoming STRONG-2020 Newsletter which will be
shortly released will include an article entitled "Shrinking the proton"
which has been written by Jan Bernauer and Ashot Gasparian and which
discusses the status and the perspectives of lepton scattering
experiments to extract the proton charge radius.

In advance, I wish you all a happy holiday season, as enjoyable as
possible due to the pandemic.

Best regards,


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sissy.koerner at ph.tum.de
Copie à : 	jan.bernauer at stonybrook.edu, pohl at uni-mainz.de

Dear members of the STRONG-2020 community, dear colleagues,

With this message we would like to inform you and ask your support to
publicize a new initiative put forward and organized by the STRONG-2020
Dissemination Board: “The STRONG-2020 Public Lecture Series”. This
series addresses the general public as well as high-school students, but
it will also be of interest to the members of STRONG-2020, our students
and whoever might be interested to have an insight into our activities.

We are very glad to announce the kick-off lecture of this series,
interactive live on youtube, on December 16, 2020 at 15:00 h on the INFN
LNF - Laboratori Nazionali di Frascati platform, where a STRONG-2020
channel was created (the lectures will be also posted on our STRONG-2020
dedicated youtube channel).

Our first guest speakers will be Dr. Randolf. Pohl and Dr. Jan C.
Bernauer, who will discuss the question:

How big is the proton?

The event will be transmitted live on:


We send you in attachment the poster for this first lecture asking you
to help publicizing it on your platforms, to the schools with which you
are in contact, to the general public, with help of dissemination and
education services from your institutions, such as to enhance the
visibility and the participation to the event.

We are at your disposal for further details/information

Many greetings
Catalina Curceanu
Achim Denig
(on behalf of the STRONG-2020 Dissemination Board)

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